Naturopaths, Manual Osteopathy, Acupressure Massage Therapy

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                 Alternative Therapy Clinic

Welcome to Alternative Therapy Clinic;

We are a holistic clinic that combines traditional Chinese technique with Western technology to treat, improve and

 maintain optimum health for life.

Our unique skills, combining Acupressure points stimulation 

, Aucupressure Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy (Natural Healing, Essential Oil), Ancient Asian Nerval Reset Therapy and Manual Osteopathy (Spinal decompression), allow us to pinpoint and identify the root of ailments and treat them with extreme accuracy.

According to patient’s conditions, we would come up with a sole therapy plan for you. 

Our 360 degree care strategy and personalized therapy would let you enjoy impressive results and  improve your life quality evidently. Our clients are highly satisfy with our prevention plan which works best with our health maintenance therapy massage.


We focus on treating root causes of illness. With the help of the mix therapy, provided by our therapists,

we would alleviate your pain, treat all the root causes which linked to pain, other problems of the body and emotional issues to motivate your physical function within a few therapies.

We are specialized in the curing of difficulty diseases, even it is the etiology unknown and doctor said no cure.


***We offer insurance receipts for regular therapy***

Half Mix Therapy           $65+HST 
Full Mix Therapy           $99+HST

(We offer $3 discount for debit transactions)

Our composite therapy is using all kinds of the ancient Chinese therapy, including acupressure massage, acupressure points stimulation, nerve reset therapy, cupping, guasha, reflexology, manual osteopathy depend on your condition, we will select the best possible therapy for you. We use many types of natural methods to induce your body to heal itself, restore its natural balance, and relieve many types of difficulties, such as; headache and migraine, insomnia, stomach and digestive problems, menopausal symptoms. We can also help with the treatment of the consequences of stroke and partial facial paralysis sequels, constipation, irregular menstruation, high blood pressure, anxiety and all kind of difficulty health problems.

----Sport Related Injuries

----Stress And Depression

----All kinds of back pain  

----Frozen Shoulder And Tennis Elbow

----Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

----Plantar Fascia, foot pain

----Wrist pain, Knee pain and Ankle pain

----Sciatica,Herniated disc. 

----Constipation, Bladder infection

----Lung infection

----Colds, Flu, Sore Throat

----Sleep disorders (Hard to fall asleep/ wake up during sleep)

----Anxiety, Low Energy in General

----Pinched Nerves & Nerve Compression

----Osteo Arthritis

----Irregular heart beat and sweating at night

----Losing bladder control

----Migraine And Headache

----Digestive Problems, Stomachache

----Irregular Menstruation, Ovarian cyst

----Reproduction problem

----Detoxification of Your Body

----High Blood Pressure

----Stroke And Face Paralysis Sequels

----Post Concussion Syndrome

----Numbness & Cramps

----Other Difficulty Health Problems

Fastest way to reach us: ONLINE APPOINTMENT through e-mail

     We will respond to your message within as soon as possible

Address:                 475 Cambridge Street South, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 4H6

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